Have you ever dreamt of a paradise? A garden with a spring that connects from a magneficent water falls with plants for accent? The blue sky that makes you forget the busy city, the fresh air that calms your mind and the sound of water splashing that creates a different kind of music?

Not yet? Then go the the amazing Daranak Falls in Tanay, Rizal. Just a few hours drive from the metro will relieve your tired mind and body. This is one of the best places in Luzon for “Soul Searching”. Couple of rides of Jeepney and ATV-like tricycle trip will bring you to a place of relaxation and meditation. You can just savor the moment watching the falls, or you can feel it by swimming to the cold brezzy spring. The water is so clean that you can almost compare its color from the sky. The presence of the trees makes it more wonderful and cold. It feels like you’re home away from home.

Couples and debutantes are having theiIMG_1461r photoshoot in Daranak falls as well. Yes, if you’re thinking of Diwata theme for your pre-nup then it is the best place. TV shows are shooting here as well such as Encantadia and Enteng Kabisote. Set up a tripod and your camera, a little angle, and voila, picture perfect.

You will never regret the effort, time and money that you will spend reaching the majestic wonder of nature. In a short span of time, you don’t have to look on your watch because you will feel that the world stops rotating and clock stops ticking.

Ground Breaking

Mga Pus*ng Gala, Strayed cats/hearts.
Girl loves to travel, guy loves to eat, both are adventure seekers.
This blog is all about travel, food and events for couples. It’s like a guide book for tight-budgeted love birds that are looking for adventure. It features topics such as how to get to, what to do, the cost, what and where to eat. It is a normal travel blog made by not so normal adventurers.

Well, yeah. Saying goes “You’ll never know a person unless you’re living under one roof” but for me I can say “You will only know a person if you traveled a lot together” 


-Note from a pus*ng gala (Strayed Cat? Heart? AH! Whatever!)